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Take a look at our most commonly asked questions, along with helpful answers.

Learn about proper hair care & get more information on what you need to bring for certain hair appointments

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• Frequently Asked Questions •

How long should I wear a weave?

A weave can be worn up to 6 to 8 weeks

How do I take care of my braids?

Use a satin or silk scarf to tie your hair up at night. Add moisturizers as needed.

How do I take care of my crochet?

Use a bonnet to put over your crochets and add oil as needed

How long before I need a shampoo and conditioning after my hair is press, curled or flat ironed?

It is recommended 2 weeks.

What do I do if my hair is shedding short, medium and long pieces?

Consult your hair dresser so they can determine where the shedding is coming from.

How long should I wear my individual braids?

It's recommended that braids be worn 6 to 8 weeks.

How often should get an oil, or deep condition treatment?

It is recommended as needed.

Should I wash my hair before I get my hair braided

Yes, you should wash your hair 3 times and condition it before your appointment

How long should I wear my crochets?

It's recommended that crochets be worn 4 to 6 weeks.

• Covid-19 Precautions •

✔ Book ahead to make an appointment
✔ Wear a mask
✔ Wash your hands
✔ Keep a safe distance
✔ Limit conversation with those around you

PLEASE NOTE: No kids or extra guests during appointment, due to limited space. Thank you.

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